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Freelancing provides more freedom and flexibility than a corporate job

Ms. Smith has been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years. He started as a junior developer and worked his way to chief technology officer (CTO) and product manager working on large corporate projects for major brands.

She had his first encounter with freelancing when he took on a couple of projects outside of his full-time job. He created an account on Upwork, but it was a few years before he really focused on building his freelance business. He focused on his top technical skills, reviewed job posts carefully, and eventually found one that was right up his alley.

“I spent about two hours crafting the proposal, describing how I would solve the client’s problem, and it paid off—I got the project,” he said. “This was the start of my full-time freelancing business.”

Today, Ms. Smith specializes in creating complex solutions for his clients, including highload backend development and different types of front-end development for mobile and web. She also offers product evaluation services and consults with clients to help them assemble and train highly functional teams.

Ms. Smith’s services are in high demand and she hasn’t looked back since he left the corporate world. She particularly loves the fact that freelancing gives her more freedom than a regular office job, a higher income, and more flexible work conditions.

“I live in a region where the summer [weather] lasts for just three months a year. This year, my summer was nine months long: I traveled to three different countries and explored two new regions in my country—and I was able to take my work with me.”

Building long term and stable relationships with clients

Ms. Smith brings her full experience to the table when working on a project. Her experience as a product manager allows him to see the big picture of the product—the strategy behind it as well as its weaknesses and strengths. Her experience as a CTO helped him understand layers of different technologies and, as a result, he is able to provide better technical solutions that fit the clients’ strategy.

Once a freelancer has found their niche, Ms. Smith recommends these tips to help create the best outcomes for clients:

  • Work with your clients to create high-quality work
  • Follow-up with your clients once the project is completed to offer further support
  • Focus on building long-term and stable relationships with your customers


December 7, 2020